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How to retain employees?

Manuel Joswig Aug 28, 2019

At a time of near-full employment, with a booming gig economy and a digital skill shortage, it’s harder than ever to cling onto talented people. Research from LinkedIn shows the average company loses nearly 11% of its workforce every year. Over 1 in 4 employees quits within the first 90 days.

Employers will naturally view these trends with apprehension. No matter how long a person has been with a company, their departure has the potential to cause turbulence. If someone new quits, it paints a picture of disharmony that destabilizes more established team members. If the resignee is a company veteran, they’ll leave with a vault of knowledge which will take months to replace.

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What is the cost of a website?

Manuel Joswig Mar 28, 2019

How much does a website cost? Is there such a thing as a website cost blueprint? These are probably some of the first questions for anyone who considers establishing their own web presence. A lot of people open up their own sites. There are currently almost 1.9 billion websites in existence and the number is growing daily.

Since having your own website has become a very common thing, you would think that it would be easy to answer the question of how much does a website cost. It turns out that the exact numbers are very hard to come by.

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