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Web Design & Redesign

Engaging websites that strengthen the brand of your business on the Internet

  • • Responsive landing pages for new startups
  • • Personal and corporate websites based on content management systems (e.g. WordPress)
  • • Flexible, full-featured eCommerce solutions designed to drive conversions and track funnels
    (Shopware and WooCommerce)
Web Application Development

Scalable software solutions for the web and progressive web apps with mobile app characteristics

  • • Scripts and tools for the automation of small tasks
  • • Minimum viable products (MVPs) for tech startups
  • • Enterprise applications for large organisations, who want to "go paperless"
Consulting & Project Management

Support for starting or ongoing web projects

  • • Cost-benefit analysis
  • • Development of studies and concepts
  • • Scheduling of project-related deadlines
  • • Project reporting on progress, issues and risks
  • • Coordination and monitoring of implementation

How We Build Web Apps

1. Requirements Gathering

Great software design begins with developers understanding and documenting the specifications for a piece of software. This phase involves:

  • • Conducting interviews and surveys to formally gather feedback from stakeholders.
  • • Discussing how feasible different ideas are, how long the project will take, and how much it will cost.
2. Design

Once requirements for the software are fixed, the next step is to create the system architecture — the overall design for how the software will be put together.

During this process, every function of a product will be considered, from the screen a user will see after they click a particular button, to how the software could later be upgraded and improved.

3. Coding

The coding phase (also called the “implementation” phase) involves building the actual product. Code is written and then tested on a rolling basis to ensure different components work together. This involves:

  • • Ensuring code meets the requirements, often by demonstrating functions in action.
  • • Creating the “back-end” data functions of the software, and the “front-end” that the user will see.
4. Testing

During the testing phase, issues are identified through automated tests. Program testers may also be used, who will effectively try to break the product to identify problems. This phase will include testing functionality, how well different systems have been integrated, and how these systems are operating.

5. Deployment

The deployment phase is when the software is released to end users. If a project is simple and straightforward, it might be possible to do this in a single, straightforward release to customers. If a product is more complex, developers will first rollout the software to a limited number of users (“beta testing”).

6. Maintenance

Developers treat the maintenance phase seriously because it is the time when a product is refined and enhanced, in response to how it performs in the real-world. The reputations of developers are built on their ability to create software that is robust and functions as it should. This comes from maintaining a product, perhaps for months or even years after deployment.



Manuel Joswig

Manuel Joswig

Owner • Joswig Solutions

The Internet is continuously growing and evolving in technology, which makes it difficult to bootstrap new web projects standing out from the competition. I have five years of industry experience in working with PHP / JavaScript and access to a diverse network of skilled programmers, talented software architects and passionate designers, who are specialized in creating unique websites and highly scalable software products.

Enes Aktay

Enes Aktay

PHP Developer • Joswig Solutions

Enes studied Business Information Systems in Konstanz, and abroad in Istanbul and Seoul. He gathered his first work experience as a tutor in university and by working as a web developer for an agency in Switzerland. Now he wants to do some freelancing on the side and is contributing to Laravel and Symfony projects at Joswig Solutions.

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