We turn your business ideas into digital products and bring them on the web.

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Web Design & Redesign

Engaging websites that build brands

  • • Responsive landing pages for startups
  • • Corporate websites based on content management systems (e.g. WordPress)
  • • eCommerce solutions designed to drive conversions and track funnels for you
Web Application Development

Software solutions for the web and progressive web apps based on HTML5 / JavaScript with mobile app characteristics

  • • Tools for the automation of small tasks
  • • Minimum viable products (MVPs) for startups
  • • Enterprise applications for organisations
Consulting & Project Management

Support for starting or ongoing web projects

  • • Cost-benefit analysis
  • • Development of studies and concepts
  • • Scheduling of project-related deadlines
  • • Project reporting on progress, issues and risks
  • • Coordination and monitoring of implementation



Manuel Joswig

Manuel Joswig

Owner • Joswig Solutions

The Internet is continuously growing and evolving in technology, which makes it difficult to bootstrap new, innovative web projects. I have three years of industry experience in working with PHP / JavaScript and access to a diverse network of skilled programmers, talented software architects and passionate designers, who are specialized in creating websites, enterprise software and utility tools.

David Aparicio

David Aparicio

JavaScript Developer • Joswig Solutions

David grew up in Venezuela, studied Computer Science at University of Carabobo and specialized in JavaScript web development. He is programming since 2014 and is currently working as a freelancer. He gathered wide experience in front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize, Vanilla JS, React and Node.js.

Chris Harrel

Chris Harrel

Python Developer • Joswig Solutions

Chris is a back-end Python developer. He has been a developer since 2014 and was a cryptologic linguist prior to that. He has experience in ETL and data visualizations and recently transitioned into web development. His primary interests are in data and security.

Enes Aktay

Enes Aktay

PHP Developer • Joswig Solutions

Enes studied Business Information Systems in Konstanz, and abroad in Istanbul and Seoul. He gathered his first work experience as a tutor in university and by working as a web developer for an agency in Switzerland. Now he wants to do some freelancing on the side and is contributing to Laravel and Symfony projects at Joswig Solutions.